Guaranteed Rent Payments from 1 - 5 years



A 0% commission full management service.

  • Guaranteed rent paid every month from 1 - 5 years! WE pay your rent

  • No void periods - We pay your rent no matter if tenanted or vacant

  • All utility bills covered

  • NO DDS tenants

  • Minor repairs carried out for FREE

  • NO management, commission or admin fees

  • A house customer service team to help deal and assist with the day-to-day issues.

  • A piece of mind that is worry and hassle free.


Guaranteed Rent 52 weeks a year


sit back and earn

As your London property management company, we will guarantee the monthly rent of your property, regardless of its size and location. No matter whether your property is let, vacant or your tenants are not paying their rent for one reason or another, we will ensure that you are provided with fixed monthly payments. Your days of financial stresses are well and truly over!

No void periods

It does not matter whether your property is occupied or vacant, either way you will receive guaranteed rent payments from Landlords There is no need to worry about void periods, as even if your property is vacant or the tenants have not paid their rent, our guaranteed rent scheme means that we will still pay you. Secure regular income by working with our experienced property letting team.




Landlords Assured .com offer landlords peace of mind when it comes to looking after their rental properties. We guarantee the internal condition of the property and often improve the property by re-decorating in neutral colours throughout at the start of the agreement. We have the properties cleaned once a week and spot checked and inspected every 4 weeks.

Leave that to us


Here at Landlords we understand just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rent properties in the best possible condition. As your property manager, we will take care of repairs and maintenance on your behalf, ensuring that any work carried out on your property is done so to the highest standards.



Sit back and Earn


When you lease a property to us, you won’t have to worry about any rent arrears. We’ll guarantee to pay your rent each month on an agreed date: there’ll simply be no arrears for you to worry about, leaving you to enjoy the more important things in life…



Your one stop solution for home rental management


If you own a single property or a large portfolio in London, and are looking for guaranteed rent and a stress-free management service, then we’d like to hear from you.


Flexible leasing packages from 1 - 5 years to suit you


Benefits to landlords include:

  • No management, commission or admin fees

  • No legal, inventory or tenancy fees

  • Cost effective maintenance service to provide rapid repair response

  • No void or vacant periods

  • Choose an agreement period from 1 – 5 years

  • No difficult tenants or problems to deal with